React Week '19
Thursday, July 18th

Attend one of the full-day (9-5pm) workshops led by the best React and JavaScript instructors.

Take your skills to next level with deep dive full-day workshops by industry experts. Gain in-depth knowledge and practical skill set.

Get a Week Pass which gives you entrance to the conference, master classes, and priority access to all activities + a 30% discount for the workshop of your choice. Or, get a Workshop Pass, skip all the fun and focus only on education.

React Inside-Out
by Nir Kaufman


Google Developer Expert in web technologies, public speaker and trainer, tech community activist ( ReactNYC ) Author of books about Front-end development, and the founder of the ‘’Frontend Band” - The first open-source rock n’ roll band! Principal Frontend consultant at 500Tech, a front-end consultancy in NYC.

DescriptionTo gain full control over React, you must understand how it works under the hood. During this workshop, we will learn React from the inside-out. We will get deep into the source code to understand how and why React works the way it does, On top of this knowledge, we will learn how to apply advanced patterns and techniques to common and uncommon UI challenges.

By the end of this day you will know:

  • -How React and ReactDOM work under the hood
  • -How to use Context for state management
  • -How to leverage Hooks together with other modern React API
  • -How to write clean code with modern JavaScript and conventions

PrerequisitesBring your laptop with the latest node, npm, and git pre-installed. JavaScript knowledge is required. Instructions will be sent to attendees in advance.

Typescript: from Novice to Expert
by Michel Weststrate


Michel Weststrate is full-stack tech lead and open source evangelist at Mendix. As author of MobX, MobX-State-Tree and Immer he is very active in the open source scene and React community. On a quest to make programming as natural as possible.

DescriptionThe JavaScript Eco System is moving to TypeScript. Fast. This workshop will explain why and when you might want to use TypeScript, and get you up and running with all the essentials. In this workshop we will cover practically the full language. And we will go deep. Subjects will be discussed by with real-life examples and practiced in exercises. For example you will have to design types for existing code, or fix complicated type errors. This workshop is also suitable for those that have basic experience with TypeScript. Since the basics only take only ~2 hours to cover, most of the day is still super valuable to enhance your TypeScript skills, even if you already have real project experience with TypeScript! Did you ever encounter super confusing types in some of the libraries you use? Did you get some super vague compiler errors? After this workshop you will be able to understand them!

Table of contents:

  • - Introduction to type systems in general and TypeScript specifically. Why TypeScript? And when (not)? What is the underlying model?
  • - Project setup and migration strategies
  • - The basics: Primitives, interfaces, classes, generics
  • - Control flow and type inference
  • - any, never, and unknown. Your buddies for life!
  • - type, type operators and modifiers: private, readonly, &, |, infer, this, typeof, is, ? and !
  • - Typing complex functions and objects: Tuples, index signatures, mapped types, conditional types, variadic arguments, overloading, declaration merging
  • - Namespaces and typing external packages
  • - Primer to TypeScript and React (Optional)

PrerequisitesFamiliarity with JavaScript and modern syntax features (ES2015).

GraphQL using React
by Daniel Zen


Daniel Zen has been designing software and teaching software development for over three decades. A Computer Science Engineering graduate of MIT, Daniel has taught at NYU, The New School, and for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He spoke at SXSW & numerous conferences worldwide. A former consultant to Google and Pivotal Labs, Zen now works at, a Consulting & Training company focused on Agile methodologies & web technologies.

DescriptionA full day of training on GraphQL. We will cover everything you need to successfully adopt GraphQL across your stack from client to backend including tooling and best practices. Learn how to build and design a GraphQL Schema using types and relations. Moving to the client side, we will discuss the two main libraries for GraphQL in React: Relay Modern and Apollo Clients. We will introduce the GraphQL query syntax (queries, mutations, aliases, fragments, and directives). We discuss client/server communication, and what tooling is available to track usage and improve performance. We will show how to add authorization and authentication. And finally, we will focus on designing real-time features using subscriptions.

Topics we will cover:

  • - GraphQL Introduction
  • - Setting up a GraphQL Server
  • - Designing a GraphQL Schema
  • - Relay Modern vs Apollo Client
  • - Using queries and mutations on the GraphQL Client
  • - Common practices: error handling, polling, and pagination
  • - Adding Authentication and Authorization
  • - Subscriptions for real-time support


  • - Comfortable using React and JavasScript
  • - Basic knowledge of Node
  • - HTML and CSS a plus

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