React Week '20
Week Schedule

Here's what we've cooked for you for the week of July 13th...

Monday 13th

Manhattan Tours
Whole Day
After Party
6pm, TBA

Tuesday 14th

Scavenger Hunt
11am-5pm, Manhattan
Lightning Talks
6-9pm, TBA
After Party
9pm, TBA

Wednesday 15th

Master Classes
9-12pm & 2-5pm, TBA
After Party
6pm, TBA

Thursday 16th

After Party
6pm, TBA

Friday 17th

8:30-5pm, Pier Sixty
After Party
6pm, TBA

Saturday 18th

9am to 11pm, TBA
Supreme Sponsor
Five Hundred Tech

Boutique front-end consultancy and development shop, specializing primarily in React. Helping companies build interactive user interfaces.

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