React Week '19
Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday, July 16th(SOLD OUT)

Test your development skills out on the city streets. Experience New York City from a unique perspective. Have fun and win awesome prizes.

Wednesday, 17th
Master Classes
Thursday, 18th
Saturday, 20st

Experience New York City with our special developer oriented scavenger hunt! Complete a set of missions, challenges, and trivia questions while visiting city attractions, historic sites, and local gems. It’s time to take your engineering skills to the streets!

Find The lost Modules

You have to deploy your app, but something went terribly wrong. Your node_modules directory is missing some essential libraries which you can’t find anywhere. Your package.json has too many blank lines. It’s time to take action.

Your mission is to search the city streets for clues, find the missing modules and fill up the empty lines on your package.json. You will have to use your creativity and problem-solving skills. The application must be deployed before the hunt is over.

How it works

You have to compile a team of 3 to 6 people with a unique team name, and submit it to the waiting list. Participation is limited to 10 teams. The registration is open for everyone, however priority is given to Week Pass holders. We will confirm or decline your application a few weeks before the event.

The day of the hunt, everyone will checks in at a meeting point, get their swag and mission objectives. You will have until 5pm to complete as many objectives.

The winning team will be announced during the Lightning Talks. Each member of the winning team will get a prize!

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