React Week '19
Master Classes
Wednesday, July 17th (SOLD OUT)

Get a booster! Three hours of expert-led advanced content straight to your brain. Expect a mix of lectures and live-coding. Keep learning.

Wednesday, 17th
Master Classes
Thursday, 18th
Saturday, 20st

Master classes are available for Week Pass holders only. Pre-registration will begin on July 1st and the limited seats will be assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Nir Kaufman

Nir Kaufman

Re-thinking in Redux - State management patterns in pure React (SOLD OUT)

Is Redux still relevant? Yes. But we don't need to include redux as a dependency in our project. Wait. What? Let's re-visit the popular pattern and state-management library and learn how to apply our existing knowledge and practices to manage state in our React application.

Dustin Myers

Dustin Myers

React 16 - All the New and Shiny Things (SOLD OUT)

2019 has been really exciting already for React developers. There's rarely a new release that generates so much excitement and energy as React Hooks. React Suspense completely changes the way we build UI states. And there's so much more! In this master class, we will learn about all these updates, plus we'll take a look at some extra goodies like the new Redux hooks. We'll do this by building a modern React 16 app. You'll leave the class with the confidence you need to implement all of React 16's greatness in your own work!

Vincent Abruzzo

Vincent Abruzzo

React Performance Optimization Patterns (SOLD OUT)

While React performs exceptionally well in most circumstances, there may come a time when you have to profile and mitigate performance shortfalls in your app. We will survey a wide array of React performance best practices from shouldComponentUpdate to new hooks patterns and the new React Profiler. Along the way we'll pay special attention to immutability in React including an introduction to the popular Immer library.

Venue: General Assembly

10 E 21st St
New York, NY 10010

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