React Week '19
Lightning Talks
Tuesday, July 16th (SOLD OUT)

The wisdom of learning from the community's experience is indisputable.

Wednesday, 17th
Master Classes
Thursday, 18th
Saturday, 20st

Featuring eight 10-minute lightning talks. Listen to stories from the React and JavaScript community.


Generating audio fingerprints with the Spotify API
Erin Depew - Front End Developer & Tech Lead at Spotify

It's easy to create data visualizations for numbers, but how do you visualize data about an artist's style? I tried to do just that by using CSS animations and the Spotify web API in order to generate unique audio "fingerprints" for our artists.

Cordless React Native Development
Ethan Perez - Software Engineer at Peloton

Break free from from the USB cord when developing React Native applications. In this talk, you'll learn how to refresh the JavaScript in your React Native app from any internet connection in the world, all with minimal changes to your development process and tooling, thanks to network tunneling!

Integrating D3 to your React App
Alon Berkman - Team Lead at Sisense

Some might think that D3 and React doesn't get along. Buy why shouldn't they? In our short session we'll examine the ways to integrate D3 into your React app

Hooks and Accessibility
Donovan Taitt - Lead Software Engineer Instructor at General Assembly

Accessibility is a key concept that many developers don’t focus on. Not only does it make the web more enjoyable for those with disabilities but it also improves the web for those without. In this talk, we’ll discuss some simple ways to implement accessibility in your React web apps using the new React Hooks!

CSS in JS: A Look at Styled Components
Elizabeth Funk - Software Engineer at Medium

Take your React app to the next level with Styled Components and get all the benefits of a CSS in JS library. Write more maintainable code, apply dynamic styling easily and leverage React's rendering capabilities.

NPM hell, Lerna to the rescue
Jorge Parga - Engineering Manager at Adobe

Modularization with NPM it’s a great way to allow re-usability and collaboration but all that comes with a price...once you start scaling the number of modules you have to maintain you can end up with something known as npm hell.

Computer Science & Psychology
Anna Doubková - Senior Software Engineer at British Gas

As a programmer and psychology student, I often think about parallels between computer science and study of mind. From neural networks, ways of working, to building a team environment that works for everyone - there's a lot we can learn from connecting the two.

Monorepo: Composable Apps with Webpack
Timothy Reen - Software Engineer at RBI

This talk will focus on how we can further leverage the monorepo to create shared platforms that render apps across a matrix of brands and platforms with minimal code. We will use react and webpack’s module resolution to create a small example app that will build the foundation for a powerful platform solution.

Venue: Sisense

1359 Broadway
New York, NY 10018

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