React Week '19
Saturday 20th

Give back to the community by building open-source tools for developers. Best projects will get appreciation and fancy prizes.

Wednesday, 17th
Master Classes
Thursday, 18th
Saturday, 20st

Join us for a community forward React Hackathon, where you and/or your team will compete on creating the best tools for web developers, by web developers! We will begin at 9:00 with check-in and a light breakfast, launch by 10:00 and code till we drop so don't be late! Your mentors will include speakers from React Week Conference!

You will be able to split into teams of up to 3 developers yourselves. The hackathon registration will be open only to React Week ticket holders by July 15th, and after that will be open to React NYC meetup members based on availability. Before attending - please review our Code of Conduct

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Five Hundred Tech

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