React Week '19
React Awards
Monday, July 15th

Let's recognize and appreciate companies and individuals that have made the life of React developers happier throughout the year.

500Tech will award companies and people who made a difference in the NYC React ecosystem from July 2018 to 2019. During the ceremony, the winners will receive trophies, appreciation, and moments of fame.

Nomination Categories

We have six categories that recognize both technical and community aspects of the React ecosystem. The participation is limited to NYC-based companies, but unlimited to individuals from all around the world.

Contribution to React Ecosystem
Companies and Individuals

Contributions to documentation, education, code, or anything else in React open-source ecosystem.

Involvement in React Community
Companies and Individuals

Involvement in building the React community by organizing events, helping out peers, answering questions, etc.

Most creative use of React
Companies and Individuals

Building inspiring, fun, or just awesome React-based projects. Bold and creative ideas should be appreciated.

React Adoption And Migration

Companies that underwent a big transition to React or use it at a very big scale. Others could learn a lot from them.

Prolific writer and educator

People who wrote the best articles, answered the most questions, and helped people get onboard with React.

Prolific public speaker

People who have spent a great amount of time speaking about React at meetups and conferences.


The final list of the nominees will be posted here on June 1st for the public vote. In the meanwhile, suggest your favorite companies and individuals that deserve an award in your opinion.

Venue: TBA

We will announce the venue that will host our awards ceremony closer to the event.

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